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Taabuu multiplication tables


This multiplication tables aids learning of boys and girls in the school period who wish to learn mathematical operations. Taabuu includes the four mathematical operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, with estimates of 1 to 10.LEARN IF HAVING FUNTaabuu also offers a game for learning mathematics in a practical and fun way. Test your skills in the operation you love or further increase the challenge by answering the questions in the Four Operations game with random questions of what has been learned and you win medal for your result in game.
PERFECT FOR YOU, PERFECT FOR YOUR CHILDRENTeach math to their children in your home with this colorful and fun version of so famous multiplication tables for children. While studying they will love to play the game of the four operations.
WHAT YOU WILL FIND IN THIS BETA VERSION:- Tabuada with 4 operations;- A game to practice what has been learned;- Exemption internet connection;- Application optimized for all devices;- Available Language: Portuguese, English "multiplication table" and Spanish;- Application clean, colorful, practical, light and fun;- Complete Tabuada and practices;- Tabuada multiplication and division- Will memorize quickly and his memory will be fast;Learning the multiplication table has never been easier.